Compatible J2534 Devices:


What is your preferred device?
The Drew Technologies Mongoose PRO2, 12' ISO/CAN or the CarDaq+2. Get either included with our full kits.

Where do I get drivers?
Drivers for our Mongoose can be found in the BlueLink Launcher. See the links above, or check your installation media, or your respective manufacturer's website for other drivers. For DrewTech devices click here.

My original Mongoose ISO/CAN with a Clear & Silver Cable isn't working in Windows 8/10!
Drew Technologies has informed us that this original Mongoose is no longer supported for operating systems Windows 8, 10 and newer. Either run the product(s) on an older operating system, or purchase a newer device.

I don't see my device on your list, will it work?
For starters, your device must have 'J2534' on it, or in its literature. The next step is to find out if your device supports the neccessary protocols for the type of vehicle you wish to work on. BlueLink support for non-DrewTech devices will be more limited as staff do not regularly test or use them. We can provide basic windows driver installation guidance, but you should be familiar with whatever device you are trying to use -- some have to be switched to a 'J2534' Mode. Remember, we have intentionally chosen one of the lowest cost devices -- the Mongoose Pro2 ISO/CAN from the industry leader, DrewTech, since it is such a good fit for what we're doing. You also receive a discount on our software for bundling a Mongoose!

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